Friday, 11 May 2007

The results are in!

Well my couple of week's restlessness, and wondering if I would have to find new employment once again, are over.
Last week I was virtually cut-off from civilisation (well I couldn't get an Internet connection for 7 days) and I didn't know how the media's visit to the factory in Pukou had been reported.
The first chance I got to check my email was on Sunday 12th May, via my sons PSP in a coffee bar, which happened to have wireless installed. On the little 4-inch display, I frantically searched the Internet for news. It was ‘The Sun's’ review by Ken Gibson that I found first, and then autocar followed by autoexpress and finally the Telegraphs. My son was keen to get back to his game, and my wife was giving me evil's! So I had little time to digest what had been wrote!
When I did have time, I was more than happy with the results. I had already written a ‘get out of jail’ blog, if it had all gone wrong – about how predictable the reports were. My expectations of Union Jack waving pieces about, poor Chinese standards, and “how dare they think they can build cars as good as the British” etc. etc. were completely unfounded, and I found the reports not only fair, but complementary about what we had achieved.

Their reports may be less biased than mine! But here is a collection of quotes from the articles:

Ken Gibson – The Sun – (,,2003090001-2007200629,00.html)

“The revival of MG in Nanjing is one of the most extraordinary stories in motoring history, underlining a power change in the car industry in favor of the Far East.
The sheer scale of what the Chinese have achieved is breathtaking and illustrates their fierce determination to return MG to its glory days”

“Anyone who questions the ability of Nanjing — should have been with me when I visited the factory.”

“the quality looks good.”

“I'd checked the outside, and the fit and finish was spot-on.”

“an 80-mile round trip from Nanjing railway station to the MG factory and back proved one thing – the Chinese can build a quality MG.”

“From the passenger seat in heavy traffic, the MG 7 felt quiet, refined and just like an MG ZT. In fact it felt like a very British experience. On a dual carriageway, the 1.8 litre K series engine – now known as the N Series – cruised serenely.”

“with precise steering and composed handling, while the manual gearbox was slick.”

“The leather seats were comfortable and supportive and the cabin felt as well screwed together as any British MG I’d driven.”

“my test drive was enough to convince me that MG is back.”

Andrew English – Auto Express –

“On the move, the MG 7 feels comfortable and refined.”

“Another highlight is the MG 7's comfortable ride.”

“we were pleased to see that the car's panel gaps are even, and the paint is both evenly applied and lustrous”

“The future for MG now looks much brighter in China.”

“The steering and brakes inspire confidence,”

“MG is most definitely a force to be reckoned with again.”

“MG is back!”

Steve Cropley – Auto Car – (

“The ride is flat and well damped even with five passengers and luggage. The engine feels strong, the gearbox gate is well defined and the whole car retains that sub-Bentley feeling of durable luxury that made the 75 a good car.”

“well-built, nicely painted, coloured and trimmed with restrain, and, yes, desirable.’

“The first is refinement. It’s several years since I’ve driven a four-cylinder MG ZT, but this car seems notably quieter. the car’s inherent mechanical refinement, always one of its best characteristics, still compares well with class leaders.”

They all add up to probably the best bit of PR for MG in a very long time. It is so encouraging to finally read some good news about the brand and NAC MG.

As both Andrew and Ken Said – MG is definitely back!

(We are still waiting for Jason's article, but after the above I can again - sleep well!)


Anthony McGowan said...

Hi Paul

Just wanted to let you know how much the fans back here value you taking the time to update your blog. I think the Shanghai show went extremely well for NAC-MG, and the press reports have been very balanced indeed.

The scale of what you have achieved with NAC-MG is nothing short of breathtaking, and while it is sad that Longbridge is a shadow of its former self, the fact that NAC-MG realise the importance of a continued presence there reassures me about the future of the marque we all love.

We cannot wait for the TF to go back on sale in the UK, and hoepfully the MG7. My best pal is looking for a replacement for her much loved Streetwise, so I'm kinda hoping the MG3 will be making an appearance soon too!

Anyway, best wishes to you and your family Paul, and please continue to keep us updated - it's greatly appreciated.


Anthony McGowan
Dumbarton, Scotland
Proud TF driver

John Switzer said...

Good to know the Chinese can build MGs as well as us Brits. Hopefully it won't be too long before us Brits are building MGs as well as the Chinese ;)

For whilst it is good to know that the journos enjoyed their junket and liked the MG7... it would be even better to know that I can look forward to replacing my ZS with a Longbridge made replacement.