Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Its Over to You......

Feeling lazy this week - must be because I am off on a well-deserved break.

The Plan - A whole week sitting around the pool, relaxing and forgetting all about MG, Nanjing and China - well ok we can all dream!

Reality- Continuous phone calls, emails to answer, running after the kids, rubbing after-sun into my bright red skin, and a week spent on not so luxurious toilet facilities whilst swatting mosquitoes as big as pigeons!

I guess I have not delivered all of the secrets many of my readers have wanted to read? All of this talk about Dragon Boat Races, crazy driving and even crazier journalists - probably hasn’t hit the spot with those of you who want to know where our latest high-powered diesel will be sourced?

So – it’s over to you. Email me your questions, and I will endeavour to answer them.

As soon as I have enough to fill a decent BLOG I will publish it.

The questions can be about MG, Nanjing, China, Dragon Boat Racing, Where to get Guinness in Nanjing, how many degrees the tower in Pisa leans, the heart rate of a butterfly if you like! (I draw the line at questions about Longbridge – sorry!)

Email your questions to

Don’t worry – I will think of something to write about, between being buried in sand by the kids!

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